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January 22, 2022

Five Space-Saving Hacks For Your Small Bathroom


It’s no secret – housing is at a premium in Victoria BC. This has led many homeowners to take a second look at that basement or attic space and turn them into suites because let’s face it; they can, and it’s worth a mint in rent. The problem however is that these tiny spaces often don’t have great bathrooms. So whether you’re a current tenant in a suite, or a homeowner looking for some ideas to make that small bathroom more appealing to renters, here are five hacks to make that small bathroom space a haven and retreat for anyone.

No. 1 – Think Vertical – Wall Mount

An often-overlooked solution to a very real space problem is your wall space. Many feel that placing things on the wall will make it feel smaller, and this may be a real issue, however if done correctly it can make your small bathroom feel huge. Wall mount your shelves. Consider a dual-purpose mirror and cabinet (aka medicine cabinet). Wall mount those toiletry holders. You can even wall mount your toilet. Tile floor under everything wall mounted can create an interesting illusion of much more space than there actually is.

No. 2 – Go European – Get Wet

European bathrooms are often a “one space does it all” affair. Meaning, there isn’t a separate shower enclosure, but rather, the entire bathroom is part of the shower and there is a proper drain in the floor. Now this may not be a solution for everyone, but it sure opens up a lot of space. With the proper waterproofing system in place (we like to use Schluters’ Kerdi Mat Membrane) you can truly waterproof your entire bathroom into one giant shower.

No. 3 – Reduce Reuse Recycle – Your Water

Yes, this may not sound like an idea you want to hear when we’re talking about a washroom, but it is possible and can save you space at the same time. Ever heard of a Cistern Sink? Yes, there is such a thing, Google it. It’s a hand sink that sits on top of your toilets’ water reservoir. Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a solution for everyone. You probably have to have the world’s tiniest bathroom to consider this, but it IS an option, and you get to reuse the water when you flush. I guess this takes space saving and recycling to new heights!

No. 4 – Think Recessed – Go Inside Your Walls

If your washroom really is very tiny, you may wish to consider recessing things that would normally be mounted on top of your finished drywall surface. This will gain you 4 inches and can make your bathroom appear much larger. Recess things like your wall mounted medicine cabinets (see above) and toilet paper holders, even a toilet can be recessed.

One of the most common space issues in a washroom is where to store your shampoo, conditioner, soap, and if you live with a woman – the million other things that find their way into the shower? A wall niche is a fast way to solve all these problems. Because your shower or tub surround are always framed in with 2×4 framing, you undoubtedly have space in the walls to frame in a shower niche that will get that plethora of unwanted items off the floor or tub rim and neatly away inside a nicely tiled shower niche.

No. 5 – Go Clear – Glass Adds Class (And Space)

Feel like the walls are closing in? They probably are! Nothing adds more class to a small space than adding a glass wall. If you’re adding a small bathroom as an ensuite, this is a great solution for that five-star luxurious feeling. If this is the only bathroom in the house, consider a frosted glass door, it lets lots of natural light in, and makes the bathroom feel larger. Can you add other “glass” like windows or skylights? These often make a small washroom feel much larger than it actually is.

If you’re having trouble thinking of ways to maximize your space, waterproof your washroom, or just simply have tile questions, feel free to give us a call. We’re here to help, and look forward to helping you with your small or large washroom project.